Sejarah IYC

In 2010, the first IndonesianYouth Conference reaped a reasonable success, encouraging us to annually organise it. IndonesianYouth has been held consistently every year since 2010 until now.

To positively respond the audience’s enthusiasm towards this event, in 2012, the founders of IndonesianYouth Conference decided to set up a social organisation SInergi Muda (“Youth Synergy”) to cater the interests of IndonesianYouths and organise other programmes on top of the annual IndonesianYouth Conference. Since then, other IndonesianYouth programmes and services that focus on young people were born and grew one by one.

At the moment, Sinergi Muda has transformed itself into a Foundation that works in the field of social entrepreneurship to be able to be more independent and sustainable.


Sinergi Muda's vision is to catalyze Indonesian Youths potentials to contribute positively in Indonesia. This vision is divided into four main missions.


Listening to Indonesian Youth's voices and becoming their platform of aspirations.


Introducing Indonesian Youths with issues related to their interests


Connecting Indonesian Youths with organisations who can support their ideas.


Helping Indonesian Youths to create positive changes in Indonesia.


Sinergi Muda will reach their goals through a program of Indonesian Youth, a movement made up of several models of capacity building activities and digital activation.

About IndonesianYouth Program


Sinergi Muda worked with several organizations from various sectors to connect them with Indonesian Youths.

About Our Service

Sinergi Muda

Sinergi Muda is registered as a legal entity in the Republic of Indonesia, registed as Yayasan Sinergi Indonesia Muda. However, Sinergi Muda appertain in the category of a social enterprise for funding our programs through several of services owned by Sinergi Muda.

Sinergi Muda was officially founded on 16 December 2012.

The Founders

The Directors

The Committees

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