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In 2010, the first Forum and Festival IYC (Indonesian Youth Conference) reaped a reasonable success, encouraging us to annually organise it. Indonesian Youth has been held consistently every year since 2010 until now. To positively respond the audience’s enthusiasm towards this event, in 2012, the founders of Indonesian Youth Conference decided to set up a social organisation Sinergi Muda to cater the interests of IndonesianYouths and organise other programmes on top of the annual IndonesianYouth Conference. Since then, other Indonesian Youth programmes and business units were born and grew one by one.

Sinergi Muda now has four main programmes under IndonesianYouth brand: IndonesianYouth Conference (was Festival IYC), IndonesianYouth Camp (was Forum IYC), IndonesianYouth Pitstop (was Ngobrolin Ide), and (was PetaMuda and MUDAzine).


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Sinergi Muda

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Date Founded
December 16th, 2012

  • Agrita Widiasari
  • Alanda Kariza
  • Citra Natasya
  • Rifat Najmi
  • Rizki Rinandi
Board of Directors
  • Gilang Pratama Putra
  • Danu Indrasprasto
  • RM Randi Rahardyan
  • Stefanus Wibawa
  • Valentine Merrita Sari


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